Spread the Word

The goal of your Wear it Pink Day is to recruit new Walkers and Wear Something Pink!

We ask you to do the following things on Wear it Pink Day:

  1. Wear pink clothes, a Weekend t-shirt, or anything Pink!
  2. Get at least one other person to register to walk with you. Better yet, get a group of coworkers or friends to register by hosting a Wear it Pink Party!
  3. Post pictures and videos to the Weekend FACEBOOK PAGE
  4. Remember to post TWEETS about your day.

We want to make it as easy as possible to do these things, so for your convenience, don't forget to visit the WEAR IT PINK KIT on our site!

Here are some ideas for holding a Wear it Pink Party and encouraging others to register:

  • Make a visible statement at your desk or in your office, with a poster, flyer, registration forms and donation forms.
  • Set up a table in a high traffic area with posters, flyers, registration forms and donation forms.
  • Hold an orientation or lunch and learn. Talk about why you are walking and encourage others to register!
  • Promote National Wear it Pink Day in the company newsletter or website! Be sure to ask for any special permission you may need. Can you send emails to co-workers? Can you post flyers around the office? Can you take over an area of the lunchroom to hold your meeting?

Check out the WEAR IT PINK KIT for posters, flyers, e-marketing and social networking tools.

Get the Word Out! Promote your event:

  • Start the Buzz EARLY - Send out a "Save the Date" email using our prepared template! You can download it from our Wear it Pink kit or find it as a template in your Participant Centre.
  • Promote from Within - Hang posters and flyers in high traffic areas around the office. Include mentions on message boards, the company newsletter or website. Be sure to include all of the pertinent where, when, and why information.
  • Final Notice - A day or 2 before your event send a final reminder email and pass out flyers.

  • REMEMBER: for each new Walker that you refer to The Weekend, you'll receive a $100 credit toward your fundraising goal! * Build your team, fundraise at the same time, and don't forget to WEAR IT PINK!

    *Toronto only: 5 person referral limit per Walker.