BC Cancer Agency to benefit from monies raised in two-day, 60 km walk

Video highlights of Opening Ceremonies

Walker Daryl Condon talks about the Weekend to End Breast Cancer

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Media Contact:
Kate Harbinson
T: 877.500.7545
Email: kharbinson@endcancer.ca

Vancouver, BC (August 15)

  • Today, the BC Cancer Foundation announced that 1300 participants raised over $2.9 million in the sixth annual Weekend to End Breast Cancer.
  • The Vancouver-based event is the largest breast cancer fundraiser in British Columbia.
  • Events in the past five years have generated net revenue of over $15 million.
  • The seventh annual Weekend to End Breast Cancer is already planned for August 14-15, 2010.
  • After Opening Ceremonies at Rocky Mountaineer Station, participants embarked on the first 30 km of their walk through the city. Tonight, they camp at Killarney Park where the second annual KidsK will be taking place.
  • In the Kids K, children aged 5-15 will be walking 2.5k or 5k to raise funds for paediatric oncology research at the BC Cancer Agency.
  • Following the KidsK, Bif Naked will be performing while Weekend walkers rest-up and prepare for Sunday’s final 30 km.
  • Their weekend journey ends with an emotional Closing Ceremonies at Rocky Mountaineer Station at 3:00pm on Sunday. Family, friends, and supporters are invited to greet and cheer on the Walkers as they make their way to the finish.
  • Weekend to End Breast Cancer funding totaling over $15 million in the past five years has played a crucial role in many projects at the BC Cancer Agency.
  • Over this past year the funds have been used to support breast cancer clinical trials across the province, the establishment of a Chair in Breast Reconstructive Surgery and a new international research study that will result in a better understanding of the many different types of breast cancer, leading to more targeted treatments and improved breast cancer survival rates.
  • For more information about the event or to register as a participant for next year contact (604) 684-WALK (9255), or sign up online at www.endcancer.ca. Visit Opening Ceremonies, Camp or Closing Ceremonies and register on-site for 2010!
  • A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone participating in this year’s Weekend to End Breast Cancer. (Nick Locke, Senior Vice President of Development at the BC Cancer Foundation)
  • Without the generous and continued support of our Walkers, we would not be making the significant advancements in breast cancer and women’s cancers research and treatment that have been made throughout BC. We hope everyone will help us make next year’s event just as successful by registering now for the 2010 Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. (Nick Locke)
  • Working step by step to eliminate all women’s cancers is an important part of our journey toward a cancer-free future. (Nick Locke)
  • Across Canada, an estimated 8,200 new cases of gynecologic cancers will be diagnosed in 2009. These numbers speak to a real need for us to expand and broaden the focus of the Weekend to End Breast Cancer to impact all women’s cancers. We are proud to announce that in 2010 the event will be renamed “The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.” (Nick Locke)
  • This weekend is for everyone who is looking to make a real difference in the fight against breast cancer. (Dr. Sam Aparicio, head of breast cancer research at the BC Cancer Agency)
  • Before the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, BC had one of the worst cancer outcomes in Canada. In just five short years, thanks to participant and community support, we are now making real strides in the fight against breast and all women’s cancers. (Dr. Sam Aparicio)
  • When my good friend passed away from breast cancer early this year, it really hit home that could easily have been me. As the mother of a daughter, I don’t want her to grow up in a world where breast cancer is so prevalent; I want to do whatever I can to help put an end to this horrible disease which affects too many women. (Weekend to End Breast Cancer Walker Brenda Eichhorst)
The Weekend to End Breast Cancer benefits the BC Cancer Foundation, which raises funds to support research and enhancements to care at the BC Cancer Agency, an international leader in the fight against cancer. The BC Cancer Agency has developed a breast cancer research program built on its unique strength in translational research and its province-wide cancer control system. The BC Cancer Agency is also dedicated to early detection of breast cancer — a critical factor in improving patient outcomes. With cancer survival rates better than any other province in Canada, the BC Cancer Agency has become a model for cancer care and control around the world.


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